I am sure every single girl or woman has a dream to own a body that has killer abs like Jada Pinkett Smith, Nicki Minaj’s booty and Sexy legs like Katy Perry.

We all know Jennifer Lopez, She is 47 Years of age, but coming is world famous fit personalities. To have a fit and healthy body like famous celebrities is not a difficult task if you have thinking to be fit.

I know you will start thinking now, we do not have free time to go to the gym and perform heavy exercises from our busy schedule of office or home as life is very fast these days but wait I am not asking you all to do that. Instead of doing all this keep an eye on your eating habits and follow some very light and full of fun exercises. It’s time to forget about gym exercises. All you need to do to follow the golden rule of 80-20 which means 80% of your eating and 20 percent on exercise. Here in this article, I am going to share few very important tips for your health to keep fit.

1. Drink more and more water:

Drink more and more water: Know Your Lifestye
Drink more and more water
You must have heard that drinking of more and more water will help you to keep the fluids of body balanced. Our body build of approximately 60% of water. The purpose of fluids including saliva creation, Nutrients transportation, circulation, digestion and maintain the temperature of our body etc. To perform all these tasks our body need a huge amount of water. Hence it is always recommended to drink more and more water. There are n numbers of toxins in our body which are not good at all and on top of it if you are fatty then your body is the house of toxins so by drinking plenty of water we can flush all these toxins from your body and keep it healthy.

TIP: Drink lemon water daily and you will feel a change than earlier in your body and as well as in skin.

2. 10-15 Minutes Daily Exercise:

10-15 Minutes Daily Exercise: Know Your Lifestyle
10-15 Minutes Daily Exercise
Maintain a habit of daily exercise for minimum 15 Minutes. Let me tell you that with exercise your body will become more flexible and muscles will be stronger. I do not think that 15 minutes is much time to keep yourself well. It does not matter, how late and lazy you are. All you need to remember the magical tips of JSL i.e. JUMP, SQUAT, and LUNGES. With daily exercise, your body will become slim and fit.

3. Start Listen To Your Body:

Start Listen Your Body:Know Your Lifestyle
Start Listen To Your Body
These days we all are habitual of it if one of our friends talks about pizza, chocolates etc. we also want to have them without thinking we are not feeling hungry or want anything to eat. Which is actually a very bad because when we eat something which is not required by our body, it will not never be digested it so it’s better to listen what our body is saying. I know it is very tough to believe. Most of us are thinking we can listen to music, each other talks but how to listen to our body as it does not talk. You might feel strange about listening to your body. We all know that our body works as mind commands same with the awareness. Whenever we feel stress, Sadness awareness of cells in our body expresses it and for that, we do not need words. We do not speak but expressions are there on our face. In the similar way, Body reacts when it wants food then we feel hunger. At that time we should have that food which is required at time of hunger and it will digest easily and in result give us to stay fit and healthy. So please do not eat when you are not hungry and eat only those foods which are healthy for our body like when you want to drink, take ample of water or fruit juices in place of cold drinks and other harmful drinks. Same applies for food; eat vegetables, pulses, fruits, and nuts etc. in place of chocolates and pizza etc.

Tip: When you want to have some unhealthy food or snacks then go for fruits and nuts and when you feel like drink something then you can have Fruit juices and Lemon water etc. I am sure you will feel fresh.

4. Daily Walk:

Daily Walk: KnowYour Lifestyle
Daily Walk
 Friends Next awesome rule to keep fit in your life is to walk daily. Now you will say we all are walking here and there but it is not reality, Yes that’s true we all walk but not properly like walk from one room to other. Upstairs to downstairs, while you should include it in your daily routine that we will walk for minimum 30 minutes daily. Start walking daily and check your walking speed and also change in your body. Earlier start from 5-10 minutes then try to increase it.
You can walk anywhere like parks near to your house, on road. With regular walk lever of blood circulation will improve. Walking always helps you to burn extra fat from your body by burning extra calories from your body, Healthy heart and legs will be in good shape.

5 Early Dinner:

Early Dinner: Know Your Lifestyle
Early Dinner

I know it is very difficult for you, if would say have your dinner maximum by 8 at night as later because according to recent researches, longer the difference between meals allow our body to digest food more conveniently. Hence we should always complete our dinner few hours before our sleep. Most of it food in dinner should not be heavy, it should be light like Pulses and a bowl of yogurt etc. It is advisable to avoid heavy meals at night time. As per Health Institutes, Late night meals could be a big reason of indigestion which disturbs our sleep.

At last, I would say to stay healthy and fit body please exercise daily which will helpful to burn extra fat from your body and will be effective in weight loss.
Along with above-given tips for your fitness, it’s very important that we all should stay happy and positive. Leave negative attitude. Always motivate yourself. Stay healthy and fit as healthy soul and mind stays in healthy body.

Let me know how you find my article. If you have anything related to fitness, have questions and queries. Please share with me Via Comments.